Hello - I'm Brandy Dewinter

Welcome to my share of Tigger's Duplex.

If you've reached this point it's likely you already know who I am. I've been writing stories and making sketches since about the time geocities started offering websites. They've ended that opportunity, but reocities archived the data and my original and second websites are still available.



I can't manage those sites anymore, but the links seem to work so you can find everything but the newest stories at one of those two sites.

However, my Muse didn't get the memo about geocities going down, so there are some newer stories - and who knows, maybe even more to come. You can find them on this page, thanks to Tigger, who shared the space with me.

I've formatted these files so that the width is a percentage of the window size that you are using to view them. I don't like reading really wide text columns, but with new - smaller - viewers like iPad, and more to come, I didn't want to choose to force a single width that might not always work. If the columns are too wide, use a partial-size window and it should work okay. The exception is that the illustrations are full-size, so you may have to scroll for those.

For reasons that I'm not going to go into again, I do not want my stories posted to any of the online TG-fiction "community" archives. I haven't requested that older stories be removed, so you can find some of them in other locations. However, these newer stories should only be available here.

Clearly, by posting them at all, even here, I make them available to others to download. I hope you'll find them enjoyable to read. I'm just requesting that they not be posted anywhere else.

Among other challenges, my hotmail account was hacked and taken over by someone else. The mailto links at the other sites don't work. For now, you can try: brandydew@excite.com

The Lady

The Story

The Background

J. Kyle, Ph.D and C.K.

Great intellect and physical attractiveness don't always go together - at least, not naturally. But Dr. Jeremy Kyle, a researcher in the field of human attractiveness, thought he could help himself out . . . just a little.

This story is based on one by R. L. Stevenson . . . well, Duh! In contrast to his story, this one has a happy ending. You may find it over-the-top, but sometimes I just feel like having dreams come true.


Never underestimate the potential opportunity - and risk - when a computer support tech gets bored.

This story started rattling around in the cavity between my ears after I had read a few by Stacyinlove. Fans will find similar ideas and even some flat-out copied phrases, which I gratefully acknowledge. After writing it, I realized that it is also similar to the very first story I ever posted, "Bosom Bondage Buddies," only without the "bondage" part. Nevertheless, the protagonist is bisexual and the story is explict. Don't go there if that bothers you (or if it's not legal for you and/or wherever you live).


Everybody ought to write about a role-playing game that becomes real. How cool is that?

Spell of the Sorceress

A couple on a yacht - with a guest . . .and pirates. And people running around with no clothes on. Any similarities to "Live Long and Prosper" are just because I wrote that story, too.

Contains magic and some explicit scenes among consenting adults. Don't go there if that makes you uncomfortable . . . or if it's not legal for you to see. You've been warned.


A tale of vengeance, with a bit of superheroing thrown in to enable an orphaned teenager to overcome the bad guys.

This story has some violence in it, and the central figure is a vigilante who achieves justice without benefit of government approval. If that doesn't work for you, then you'll probably be happier somewhere else.

I've been playing around with some new software graphics programs, but so far I haven't made enough progress for story illustrations. As a result, this one only has a single sketch (done the old way - in fact I've had it for some time). Over time, I hope to add others, but the story itself is complete and I decided it was time to post it.


Another tale of vengeance, with another orphaned teenager. I don't know why these two stories came to me. There's nothing in my mundane life that feels the need for revenge. Perhaps my Muse has an attitude.

This one is in an "old west" setting. I was thinking back over my stories and saw that I had never done a western; no gunfights or anything like that, though.

As a result of the same graphics program struggles that I mentioned on Nightwind, this one only has a single sketch. Over time, I hope to add others, but the story itself is complete.